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Security FAQ's
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Security FAQ's

What types of alarm systems are available?

What are the local police procedures?

What installer should I use?

What monitoring services are available?

What must be done when a new system is installed?

Alarm Systems

There are two basic types of alarm systems, wired and wireless. Wired is easiest to install in a home under construction and wireless, while new, is becoming the standard for most homes.

All of the many brands do basically the same thing, report an alarm condition either to a local alarm device(horn) or to a remote monitoring system. How they notify the monitoring center differs by the type of control panel.

Some use a regular dial up phone line, some a dedicated phone line, others by radio or by cellular. The choice depends on your needs, the availability of services and the cost justification.

The latest systems allow for two way communications where the monitoring center can listen in to what is going on and they can also retrieve pictures relative to a home intrusion event should the hidden camera's capture the event.

Finally, alarm systems are there to provide timely notification of a problem to minimize the impact and cost. They will deter, not prevent a break in.

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Police Procedures

Police procedure vary greatly from city/region to region, mostly the result of having to deal with false dispatches and more recently as a method of revenue generation. Some require registration, others require registration with a fee and some do not have any policy in place. You must check with your local police force to be sure.

Saugeen Shores
Saugeen Shores does not currently(as of June 2006) have a policy governing alarm systems dispatches however it is currently under review and could change at any time.

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Owen Sound Region Registration: No registration program for police response. False Alarm By-Law: The customer is entitled to one (1) free false dispatch per month. On the second (2) dispatch in one month the customer is fined $25.00, third (3) = $100.00. Police will charge customer directly. (Police Service Board By-Law 94-1) Contact: Deputy Chief Tom Kaye (519) 376-1234, Fax: (519) 376-6131.


Selecting the right installer is not a daunting a task but it will go a long way to ensure you get a system that works. Do your basic checks. Ask for a reference. Are they a local resource or from out of town? Are they a member of the better business bureau? Get three quotes and don't let price be the only deciding factor. Finally choose the one you are most comfortable with.

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New Installation

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Email: services@saugeensecurity.com

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